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...:: Verzeichnis der Ehemaligen Mitglieder ::...

=/\= Unehrenhafte Entlassung =/\= 23 =/\=
SD24122400, Lieutenant Commander, Cory Comstock
SD24122400, Lieutenant, Krenok
SD24122400, Ensign, Yazim
SD24122400, Ensign, Taurik
SD02062401, Cadet, Sebastian Valmont
SD02062401, Cadet, Spock
SD11012402, Private, Mike Connor
SD11012402, Private, Alex Markson
SD11012402, Private, Jack McDowal
SD11012402, Private, SiCwan
SD03032402, Ensign, Vivien DeMarco (w)
SD03032402, Ensign, 5 of 12
SD03032402, Lieutenant, Joe Johnson
SD03032402, Lieutenant , Kim Che Hong (w)
SD03032402, Lieutenant, Sarah Thomas (w)
SD11072402, Ensign, B'Elana Tach (w)
SD15112402, Private, Louis Zimmerman
SD16042403, Admiral, Alexander Dexter
SD05062403, Private First Class, Rubinius Hawk
SD10102404, Master Chief Warrant Officer, Tony Vauxhall
SD29042406, Lieutenant, Thomas Anderson
SD06052406, Ensign, Patrick O'Neill
SD14102405, Master Chief Warrant Officer, - Telek
=/\= Quittierung des Dienstes =/\= 10 =/\=
SD02012401, , T'Eleyk (w)
SD20012401, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Jean McNeal
SD24022402, Commander, Kratoc
SD01072403, Lieutenant Junior Grade , Jack Taylor
SD22042404, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Jennifer O'Conner
SD22042404, Commander, Hannes Schütt
SD25082404, Ensign, Jassica Ranaween McDowell (w)
SD01102404, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Mike O'Konner
SD30072405, Commander, Three of Four
SD20052406, Lieutenant, Alexander M. Fox
=/\= In den Ruhestand versetzt =/\= 18 =/\=
SD12052401, Ensign, Old Mader
SD19052401, Ensign, Kromak
SD05082401, Commander, B'Elana Torres (w)
SD05012402, Ensign, Vladimir Muranov
SD28052402, Commodore, Sitask
SD04062402, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Florian Falke
SD11072402, Lieutenant, Sean O'Connell
SD25032403, Ensign, Patrick Halverson
SD04052405, Ensign, Alen Jack Waters
SD04052405, Lance Corporal, Tommy Angelo
SD28062405, Ensign, Abu Uthman Al-Tabari
SD12122404, Ensign, Matthew Bakter
SD19022404, Lieutenant, John Carter
SD18032404, Ensign, Sarah Chandler (w)
SD01072404, Commander, Dean Curtis
SD16072405, Ensign, Trina Gallonis (w)
SD14092404, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Diana Hinsley
SD01012405, Ensign, Elizabeth Kinsey (w)
=/\= MIA (Missing in Action/Vermißt) =/\= 3 =/\=
SD16012404, Admiral, James Enriquez
SD01012405, Captain, Jack O'Neal
SD01012405, Rear Admiral, Tarok
=/\= KIA (Killed in Action/Getötet) =/\= 8 =/\=
SD13072401, Ensign, Fantasy
SD07042402, Lieutenant, Goose Maverick
SD03122402, Lieutenant Commander, Jeremie Hunter
SD03122402, Cadett, Thomas Fletcher
SD06032404, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Pavel Dotchev
SD22042404, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Tedra deArr (w)
SD22042404, Lieutenant Commander, Chmee Riit
SD01012404, Commodore, Romanus Chock